Parents and Families

The health and well-being of your student is our priority. Through the Student Health Insurance Plan, eligible students have access to quality health insurance coverage that covers them for emergency and non-emergency services in the Syracuse area. If your student is uninsured or underinsured, they can enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan through MySlice.

If your student is currently covered by your health insurance plan and the plan is considered qualifying coverage, your student can waive the Student Health Insurance Plan if desired. The waiver process is also managed through MySlice.  Students should be prepared with their health insurance information when accessing the waiver form.

Students can share their MySlice access with parents and guardians to grant them permission to provide proof of qualifying health insurance or to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.  For more information, visit the ITS Sharing MySlice Access page.  You can also complete the enrollment or waiver process with your student and take the opportunity to engage in discussion about health insurance coverage and wellness.

We encourage you to review your current health insurance plan to identify what best fits your student’s and family’s needs.